‘You Need Jesus!’

This was a comment I received on one of my posts the other night from a man who was so concerned that I was speaking shit and heading for a brick wall that he felt the need to guide me towards his Saviour.

My post was all about me being fed up with the bullshit that fear creates…

How fear rises up from the self limiting beliefs that we’re taught, when we’re little and our brains are sponges, by well meaning people that eventually work to hold us back from achieving our fullest potential in life.

At no point was religion even mentioned…

But this man felt I needed to be saved…

That if I jump online and look I will find the answers to finding real peace and joy in this world and the next…

He even said, ‘It takes courage to consider other views but what have you got to lose?’

Why….thanks, Ren for your concern. Maybe you could take a leaf out of your own book.

At no point did Ren even consider what my beliefs might be….it was his way or the highway!

What Ren fails to see is that I’ve had a powerful connection to my higher self for my entire life. It radiates from my solar plexus, through my heart and across the width of my shoulders like a big V of energy up to the sky. That feeling has always been there for me for as long as I can remember and any time I connect to it, I feel like I’m at home all rugged up in a warm, fluffy blanket.

Any time I need an answer to anything, I connect and the right guidance is given immediately…

The same goes for what I write. It’s the same when I paint or create anything….it all comes through guidance…the same way all artists create.

I didn’t have a religious upbringing. We had guidance of live and let live, to be good people and to treat everyone how we would like to be treated ourselves.

At school, we had Christian religious education and I took part in that. I took it upon myself to go to Sunday School for a while. Part of me enjoyed it but religion didn’t quite gel with me. I felt that my connection to my higher self was really all that I needed.

I still do today. I believe in Source energy and that we are all a part of that Source energy as souls having a human experience for the expansion of Source energy. I believe my connection to Source energy to be the same connection that someone who believes in God feels. If I refer to God, I’m referring to Source energy.

I find a great comfort in that and with my spiritual connection to Source is a great, internal power to create the life that I was born to live.

I also have a God who loves me and loves everything I do.

I don’t believe that life happens to us. I believe it happens for us and that there’s so many great gifts in all of our experiences if we choose to see them.

If someone finds comfort in religion, that’s a wonderful thing but if someone feels suppressed by it, I feel they have every right to ask questions and to find the path that’s right for them within their heart.

I believe we’re all on different paths and the only people we’re talking to are the ones who are in a similar space in time as ourselves. No one belief is THE right way or THE wrong way. It’s what’s right for the individual but what’s right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another…

So, Ren…I thank you for your concerns but you go your way and leave me to mine….I have found more peace and joy than you’re giving me credit for.

No one needs to be saved. It has even taken me a while to learn this but wow….what a relief it is to not have to save the world! Everyone is on their own journey and if sharing my journey speaks to someone else, so be it. That’s all there is to it.

Choose your beliefs according to what’s right for you…not what someone else believes is right for you….and leave everyone else to theirs.

Kathryn x

The Law of Attraction plays a huge part in my connection to Source energy and it has helped to bring me closer to being true to myself and who I am at the core…

It has taught me that I am responsible for every aspect regarding the outcome of my life and the more I am true to my soul the easier it is to create the life that I want…

Which is why I’m excited about my program ‘Unleash Your Manifesting Mojo’. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about the Law of Attraction and put it into this 18 day program. With daily audios and Law of Attraction Muscle building exercises to get you thinking and on your way to creating the life you were born to live.


Kathryn Eggins

Kathryn Eggins is an international speaker, writer, entertainer and artist, who loves colour, her cat, and following the guidance of her soul. Her desire is to inspire you to connect to your soul, take inspired action, and consciously create the life your heart desires.

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