You Have The Power

One of my favourite quotes of all time comes from the movie, The Wizard of Oz. It’s where Glinda, the Good Witch says to Dorothy just before she clicks her ruby red heels to head home, ‘You’ve always had the Power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.’

Why do I like it? Because it relates to a power that is within all of us. The power to achieve what we want and that we are the only person holding ourself back.

It’s a power that many of us aren’t aware of. We may even be afraid of it.

We move forward once we learn the lessons on how to use our power but they’re lessons we have to learn for ourselves.

Most of us have a fear that we aren’t good enough. We listen to other people who confirm our thoughts. We wonder who we are to shine brightly and succeed.

Who are you NOT to shine brightly and succeed?

We all have the power to achieve our dreams. It doesn’t matter what that dream is, we just need to set our mind to it and then take action.

We can have great health if we put our minds to it. If we align ourselves with good health, create a concept of what good health feels like and then take the action of a healthy person, there is no reason for us to be unwell.

Using your inner power to create good health requires these three things – alignment, concept and action around good health. If you think like a healthy person but act like an unhealthy one, you will be unhealthy.

Vice versa – if you think like an unhealthy person you can act like a healthy person all you want, you will still be unhealthy.
This is not putting your personal power to good use. You have the power to be healthy. Unfortunately, many people align themselves will illness and disease. They become attached to it and they create more of it. They are using their personal power to create disease and illness.

Use your personal power to align yourself with good health and detach yourself from disease and illness. Take action to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and see yourself as being a healthy person.

And while you’re at it, take the steps necessary to achieve your dreams. Align yourself with your dreams. You don’t have to know how you’re going to reach them. If you want something badly enough, doors will open up for you.

Get out of your own way and live your life to your full potential. Mental attitude is everything.

Kathryn Eggins

Kathryn Eggins is an international speaker, writer, entertainer and artist, who loves colour, her cat, and following the guidance of her soul. Her desire is to inspire you to connect to your soul, take inspired action, and consciously create the life your heart desires.

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