When Things Go Wrong, They’re Actually Going Right

Today, I lost a gig.

It was a weekly entertainment gig. I enjoyed it and with people telling me each week that they’d had a great night, it would appear they enjoyed it, too.

But, due to a couple of squeaky wheels who felt it was their duty to write a negative review on the venue’s website, the interstate head office of the venue has asked for another host.

No-one spoke to me. I’ve just been asked to leave by the head office, via the venue management, via the agent, and via the person I was doing the gig through.

My reaction? Thank you!!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s when things start going wrong, something exciting is coming. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the fear of losing what we had. I’ve learned that if I relax, take deep breaths, and energetically get out of the way, magic happens.

To get upset only creates more upset. Why not choose to focus on the possibilities?

When the things we’ve been asking for start to get closer, the things that are no longer serving us start to fall apart. The road can get quite rocky as the energy intensifies. It’s a normal reaction to find the situation distressing, but if we take a step back and allow it to unfold, magic happens.

When things start going wrong, they’re actually going right. Get out of the way and allow the Universe to bring you what you’ve asked for.

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