Many Opportunities Are Open to You

In every moment in time, there’s more than one option available to you. There’s the positive, there’s the negative, and everything else in between.

Every option you can think of is available to you.

The outcome all comes down to which one you choose to focus on.

Unless you make the conscious decision to make a different choice, you’ll always choose to focus on the one you believe is possible.

If you believe things always go right for you, they will…

If you believe things always go wrong for you, they will…

What if you believe that things go right for you but then they go wrong for you?

Sometimes things going wrong is things actually going right.

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The Beliefs of Sheeps – Keeping People Under Control

Beliefs are those things we hold dear to our hearts and live our lives by. They’re what we judge everything and everyone in life by. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, where did those beliefs come from?

Unless you’ve made the conscious choice to create your own beliefs, your beliefs are not your own.

From the moment we’re born, we’re shoved into a box, a belief box, and in that box are everyone else’s beliefs. Your parent’s, your peers, and society’s. You’re shoved into that box to absorb everyone else’s beliefs so you’ll fit in.

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The ‘Reality’ You See is not the True Reality

Manifesting seems like this mystical, magical thing that’s available to those who catch a lucky break. It’s not. It’s something that’s available to all of us if we take the time to understand the process.

From the day we’re born, the programming for our path in life begins. We learn from those around us what we need to do to fit into this world… their version of this world. What we learn is limited to what the small circle of people we associate know.

We’re told to stop dreaming. “Save yourself from disappointment!” they chime in unison!

The only disappointing thing about that statement is the disappointment that not making ourselves available to possibly experience the disappointment brings to our lives.

It keeps us playing safe and stops us from taking a leap of faith.

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Your Soul Purpose is in a Shoebox at the Back of the Wardrobe

“Why can’t I find my soul purpose?” is a common question uttered by many.

It’s not lost. It’s just been hidden away by others who don’t want you to see it…

They want you to be like them, to live your life according to what they believe is best for you, which is what someone else told them was best for them.

They want that for you because it’s how they’ve lived their life and they know that it’s safe.

Reality is just one big puddle of beliefs…
Beliefs that have been handed down through the ages that are suffocating the soul right out of life.

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Stay Focused and Stick to the Path

Only a very small percentage of people will actually listen to the dream in their heart and go for it…

For them, the fear of regret at the end of their life far outweighs staying in their comfort zone…

They don’t want to get to the end of their life wishing they’d done the stuff they were called to do…

They want to slide into home base saying, ‘What a ride!’

And a ride it is!

Choosing to follow the dream in your heart is not for the faint hearted…

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You Are More Powerful Than You Believe

You Are More Powerful Than You BelieveYOU are more powerful than you’re giving yourself credit for…YOU have access to more abundance that you believe you’re worth…YOU can live a happier life than you allow yourself to do…YOU can create the life that’s burning as desire in your heart…

YOU can have a healthier and stronger body that you currently have…YOU can have it all…


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