How Deep Are You Prepared to Go?

How Deep Are You Prepared to GoWhen someone asks you, ‘What do you REALLY want?’ do you go full on deep into your answer to do barely brush the surface?

Are you actually being honest with yourself?

Or are you really asking for what you know will keep everyone else happy?

Be honest!

Does asking for what YOU really want trigger you?

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Declutter the Old to Manifest the New

Declutter the Old to Manifest the NewI’ve done some SERIOUS decluttering today…

It’s so serious I’m sitting here looking at a set of empty set of shelves that will now serve as a place for the cat to sleep…The urge hit me like a wave…

I felt like it was crawling all over my skin like something out of some sci-fi and I couldn’t move forward until it was gone…

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Why You’ll Never Manifest What You Want

Why are not manifesting what you wantIt all sounds so wonderful and easy in theory to manifest what you want and it seriously is possible, but the truth is that the majority of people will still be living the same life they’re currently living now for the rest of their life and not manifest what they say they want…



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