You’re a Powerful, Creative Manifesting Machine

Believe it or not, you’re already manifesting the life you’re living.

Okay, it may be a far cry from the life you want deep down inside, but it’s the life you’ve been programmed to believe is possible…

A life based upon the beliefs of others who have been in your ear since the moment you were born, telling you what to believe based upon what they were taught to believe…

The people around you. The people you associate with. The media. The society you live in.

Unless you’re switched on to how manifesting works, you’re subconsciously manifesting with a program you didn’t create!

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How Deep Are You Prepared to Go?

How Deep Are You Prepared to GoWhen someone asks you, ‘What do you REALLY want?’ do you go full on deep into your answer to do barely brush the surface?

Are you actually being honest with yourself?

Or are you really asking for what you know will keep everyone else happy?

Be honest!

Does asking for what YOU really want trigger you?

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