The #1 Mistake People Make When They Want to Improve Their Health

Biggest Mistake People Make When Trying to Improve Their HealthAfter I healed my body after 18 years of chronic, incurable disease, I became a Personal Trainer and set out on a mission to heal the world with my message that healing, weightloss and overall health and wellbeing was possible from within…

But instead of people saying, ‘OMG! Wow! Thank you! You’ve changed my life!’ and blessing the masses with this amazing gift…

I heard time and time again…

‘It can’t be THAT easy!’

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What is Alignment with Health?

Why is it that there are people who eat healthy and exercise regularly who still fall ill or develop a disease?

Why is it that for many people, being well is like a pie in the sky?

It’s because they’re not aligned with health.

So how do you align yourself with health?

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3 Steps to Meditation

MeditationMeditation has a wide range of benefits. Just a few minutes a day can help keep your mind focused rather than living in the past, living in the future or having negative thoughts.

Do you have trouble meditating because you feel like you’re wasting your time? Is your mind filled with other things you could be doing or what you’re going to do later today?

Here are 3 ways you can meditate if you’re having trouble focusing…

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