Exciting Waves of Opportunity! 2020 Was a Fabulous Year

Back in March, 2020, the shake up began. It was an exciting time. All of my entertainment work was cancelled overnight and a few weeks later, our other business closed due to goverment regulations. Pensioners were being paid extra benefits while those of us who had lost our employment were left to fend for ourselves.

It was an exciting time. Everything was starting to fall apart. The shift had begun.

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Stop Adulting for a Minute… Being Human Isn’t Hard…

If you want to be successful, it’s all go, go, go. Forget about your dreams. Fit in and do what you have to do to make lots of money and you’ll be seen as successful… So they say…

Money is important, but it’s also just an energy. It’s no less or more important than any of the other energies. I know some people who are making a lot of money, but their life revolves around their work and they have no money sense. Their health is poor. They have hardly any life outside of their work. They believe they’re successful, and from the point of making lots of money, they are. But they’re making money from a poor man’s perspective and they’re living to work.

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When I Want Something Better, Why Does Everything Fall Apart?

When you’ve set your manifestation, the Universe starts the ball rolling to make it happen. It starts shuffling things around and setting you on the path to your success. You get excited about what you’ve just created and can’t wait for it to arrive.

But then things start to fall apart. Everything seems to be going wrong and life becomes miserable. It’s easy to start believing manifesting is a load of croc and nothing good every happens for you.

But it’s really a time to get excited, because when things go wrong, they’re actually going right!

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Stop Overreacting! Now You’re Being Silly.

How many times have you heard these words?

How many times have those words made your feelings feel invalidated?

How many times have those words made you question yourself?

The person saying those words probably doesn’t realise how much they affect you. They probably don’t even realise that it’s their way of reining you in…

To be just like them…

To think, and act, just the way they do…

Because that’s their safe zone. That’s where they fit in and they believe that’s what’s best for them is best for you, too.

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Your Soul Purpose is in a Shoebox at the Back of the Wardrobe

“Why can’t I find my soul purpose?” is a common question uttered by many.

It’s not lost. It’s just been hidden away by others who don’t want you to see it…

They want you to be like them, to live your life according to what they believe is best for you, which is what someone else told them was best for them.

They want that for you because it’s how they’ve lived their life and they know that it’s safe.

Reality is just one big puddle of beliefs…
Beliefs that have been handed down through the ages that are suffocating the soul right out of life.

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Your Body is the Powerful Messenger of Your Soul

Messages from Your Soul

What if you didn’t have to be in pain? What if you were just… well?

What if every ache, pain, and ailment was a message from your soul?

A message of resistance…

I was telling my hairdresser the other day about my ‘angry ovary’…

As you do…

I’d been doing some pent up anger release work, and while I’d relieved a lot of tension within my body, my left ovary still felt ‘angry’. It caught my attention because that’s where my endometriosis started back in 1991.

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