The Beliefs of Sheeps – Keeping People Under Control

Beliefs are those things we hold dear to our hearts and live our lives by. They’re what we judge everything and everyone in life by. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, where did those beliefs come from?

Unless you’ve made the conscious choice to create your own beliefs, your beliefs are not your own.

From the moment we’re born, we’re shoved into a box, a belief box, and in that box are everyone else’s beliefs. Your parent’s, your peers, and society’s. You’re shoved into that box to absorb everyone else’s beliefs so you’ll fit in.

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Manifesting Little Things Becomes Big Things

To become a conscious creator, focus on the little things. Manifesting isn’t all about those big things you desire. When you take the time to notice the little things you’re manifesting, the quicker you’ll understand what you need to do to manifest the bigger things.

I recently recorded a video for a Christmas comedy competition. The competition was based in the USA, so I was playing around with an idea for a joke about Santa wearing thongs (footwear) because that means something completely different in Australia to what it means in the USA (G-string). I thought about holding up a pair of Aussie thongs to support the joke but I didn’t have any. I let it go.

The next day, we went for a walk to a supermarket that has an aisle down the middle where they sell really random things that change from week to week. This particular week, they had thongs! But then I realised I hadn’t been clear enough. These were mens thongs. I wanted pink womens thongs.

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It’s Time to Face the Truth of Reality

Remember that time when you were told to stop dreaming and to face reality to save yourself from disappointment?


Stop doing that. All that effectively does is create disappointment.

I was literally laughed at when I was 17, back in the 80s, and I told the worker at the employment service I wanted to be a radio announcer.

“Yeah. Ha ha ha! Jobs like that don’t come through here.”

But three weeks later, there I was, sitting in the studio of a radio station ready for my first shift.

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No Gimmicks, No Fuss – The Powerful Secret to Manifesting

We need variety in our lives, otherwise life would get boring, but when the emphasis is on the need for variety, it takes us away from the very core of our connection to soul.

Stop and look at nature. It does the same thing, day in day out, in the same order. Nature has a routine that works extremely well. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. The moon goes around the earth. The earth goes around the sun. Plants grow and animals are born in the same way, every day.

The only living being that feels the need to go against the grain is the human. The human wants to control nature instead of realising that connection to nature and the Universe is where the power lies.

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The ‘Reality’ You See is not the True Reality

Manifesting seems like this mystical, magical thing that’s available to those who catch a lucky break. It’s not. It’s something that’s available to all of us if we take the time to understand the process.

From the day we’re born, the programming for our path in life begins. We learn from those around us what we need to do to fit into this world… their version of this world. What we learn is limited to what the small circle of people we associate know.

We’re told to stop dreaming. “Save yourself from disappointment!” they chime in unison!

The only disappointing thing about that statement is the disappointment that not making ourselves available to possibly experience the disappointment brings to our lives.

It keeps us playing safe and stops us from taking a leap of faith.

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You’re a Powerful, Creative Manifesting Machine

Believe it or not, you’re already manifesting the life you’re living.

Okay, it may be a far cry from the life you want deep down inside, but it’s the life you’ve been programmed to believe is possible…

A life based upon the beliefs of others who have been in your ear since the moment you were born, telling you what to believe based upon what they were taught to believe…

The people around you. The people you associate with. The media. The society you live in.

Unless you’re switched on to how manifesting works, you’re subconsciously manifesting with a program you didn’t create!

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