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Hi! I’m Kathryn Eggins and I’m here to help you to dig deep into your soul to bring your dreams to life and take your manifesting ability to the next level.

The Art of Conscious Creation is discovering your ability to create your life on a conscious level, by digging deep and learning how to bring your manifestations to life to create the health and life you deserve.

Discover how you can easily and effortlessly draw opportunities to you. Watch as your manifestations unfold before your very eyes.

My clients are aware they have a connection to their soul.

They’re aware there’s more to life than what they’re currently living, but they’re not too sure how to connect the dots between where they are now and the dreams and life their heart desires.

I’m a motivational speaker, author, and mindset coach. Connection to your SOUL and your INNER POWER is EVERYTHING.

You are more powerful than you have been given credit for. YOU have the potential to achieve anything your heart desires.

Through my courses, I will teach you how to tune in, to reconnect to your soul, your inner power, and become the conscious creator of the life, health and career you already know is available within you.

I’m here to teach you how to reconnect to YOUR superpowers!

Follow your heart, follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you (especially YOURSELF!). There’s a life full of excitement that’s waiting to be lived by YOU! It’s time to go get it!

Normally, I would say, “Click on the Course Directory button below to see what courses I currently have available,” however, you’ve caught me right in the middle of my preparations to launch a bigger and better version of my original course, Unleash Your Manifesting Mojo.

We’ll be starting early May, 2021 with registration starting end April. I love for you to join us. Check back in a week or two for more info or “Like” my Facebook page to be kept up to date – www.facebook.com/kathryneggins.theartofconsciouscreation

I look forward to showing you just how powerful you really are!

For more information or to contact my team, please visit my website www.kathryneggins.com.

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