Your Soul Purpose is in a Shoebox at the Back of the Wardrobe

“Why can’t I find my soul purpose?” is a common question uttered by many.

It’s not lost. It’s just been hidden away by others who don’t want you to see it…

They want you to be like them, to live your life according to what they believe is best for you, which is what someone else told them was best for them.

They want that for you because it’s how they’ve lived their life and they know that it’s safe.

Reality is just one big puddle of beliefs…
Beliefs that have been handed down through the ages that are suffocating the soul right out of life.

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Your Body is the Powerful Messenger of Your Soul

Messages from Your Soul

What if you didn’t have to be in pain? What if you were just… well?

What if every ache, pain, and ailment was a message from your soul?

A message of resistance…

I was telling my hairdresser the other day about my ‘angry ovary’…

As you do…

I’d been doing some pent up anger release work, and while I’d relieved a lot of tension within my body, my left ovary still felt ‘angry’. It caught my attention because that’s where my endometriosis started back in 1991.

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A Powerful Secret Sign You’re on the Right Track

Sun Streaming Through the Clouds

We weren’t raised with religion in the home. I didn’t realise there was such a thing until I went to school and we had Religious Education classes.

I don’t remember much about the classes except for the excitement I felt when I saw the drawings in the books of the sun streaming down through the clouds.

Even at a young age, it was an instant connection to my soul.

I didn’t even realise THAT was a thing, but in that moment, I knew it WAS a thing.

A thing I was never taught but I knew existed.

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When Things Going Wrong are Going Right

When Things Going Wrong are Going Right

It can be tough to see it that way sometimes…

Urgh! Facepalm! 🤦‍♀️

You want things to be a certain way, but when you look around, things are not how you want them to be…

What’s going on?!!

It may even be that things don’t seem to be falling apart…

Except for you, because things don’t seem to be changing the way you’d like them to…

But… What if the bigger picture isn’t ready yet?

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Did You Meet Yourself During Isolation?

It’s been an interesting couple of months in isolation. For some people, it’s been utter chaos. For others, it’s been a dream come true.

Why has it been tough for some, and not for others?

Everything came to a screeching halt for me, and yet I’ve loved every moment of self isolation… Because I’ve had to opportunity to stop, and be with myself…

To get to know myself, and to get clear in the direction I want, without distraction.

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Riding the Wave of the Vulnerability Hangover

Riding the Wave of the Vulnerability Hangover

What a week it’s been! A week of emotional ups and downs from putting myself out there. I had to take a few days off to recover!

On Wednesday night, I competed in a national stand up comedy competition. I was quietly excited about it, and really enjoyed the thrill of having a go, and doing something that scared me. Even though I have decades of entertainment experience, comedy is a whole new ball game. I’ve had to start from scratch, and allow myself to be a beginner.

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