No Gimmicks, No Fuss – The Powerful Secret to Manifesting

We need variety in our lives, otherwise life would get boring, but when the emphasis is on the need for variety, it takes us away from the very core of our connection to soul.

Stop and look at nature. It does the same thing, day in day out, in the same order. Nature has a routine that works extremely well. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. The moon goes around the earth. The earth goes around the sun. Plants grow and animals are born in the same way, every day.

The only living being that feels the need to go against the grain is the human. The human wants to control nature instead of realising that connection to nature and the Universe is where the power lies.

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The #1 Mistake People Make When They Want to Improve Their Health

Biggest Mistake People Make When Trying to Improve Their HealthAfter I healed my body after 18 years of chronic, incurable disease, I became a Personal Trainer and set out on a mission to heal the world with my message that healing, weightloss and overall health and wellbeing was possible from within…

But instead of people saying, ‘OMG! Wow! Thank you! You’ve changed my life!’ and blessing the masses with this amazing gift…

I heard time and time again…

‘It can’t be THAT easy!’

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How Do You Get Your Fitness in the FLOW?

How Can You Get Your Fitness in the FLOWMary* decides she’d like to get fitter, so she goes outside and starts running.

Mary hates running, but she does it anyway because that’s what she believes she’s supposed to do – get her heart rate up by running. She doesn’t enjoy it one bit so she gives up.

Mary is NOT in the FLOW. She is offering RESISTANCE.

Nature didn’t intend for anything to be difficult. Nature intends for everything to flow. It’s time for man to STOP making life difficult, stop with the resistance and start living in the FLOW.

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Are You Afraid of Being Well?

Are you afraid to be well“Do you like being sick?”

“What a stupid question!”

Well, that’s what I thought when I was first asked back in 2009 by my kinesiologist but after a long, hard think about it I finally I realised she was right. I LOVED being sick and all of the benefits that went with it, but it was holding me back from being well and I’d had enough.

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