Becoming Conscious of the Subconscious Reality

The more I delve deep into learning about the power we all have within us to create our realities, the more I’m fascinated by it…

That our realities are dictated by the beliefs we’ve been led to believe that were taught to us throughout childhood but that we have the choice within us to see things differently, to create new beliefs, and to turn things around…

That the Universe is energy and it’s through this energy we have the power to create whatever we want…

That the cells in our bodies are listening and reacting to the environment they’re given…

That’s not to say we’re in total control of everything that happens to us, but we have the power of perspective and the power of decision within us to determine our direction.

When I look back over my life and see the times I made decisions that caused me to become a victim to a situation and the ailing reality that created, as opposed to other times when I’ve found a perspective of purpose in a situation and how that perspective took my life to an entirely new level of strength.

I can see now how learned beliefs from childhood subconsciously dictated my decisions and reactions. I reacted a certain way because I didn’t know there was another way and for that, forgiveness of self is key.

We’re not responsible for any situation that causes us to be a victim, but we do have the choice as to whether or not we stay in a victim mindset and allow it to dictate our lives, or whether we allow ourselves to release it and find a perspective of purpose and power in it.

Being happy, healthy, and wealthy are all a choice. It may not seem like it if your current reality is like an upended basket of laundry, but deep down inside you have the power within you to turn any, and every, part of your life around.

If you can feel it deep within you, you can create it. ✨

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You have the power within you to turn everything around, regardless of how things are right now. If you’re interested to know more about how I can help you to connect to your own personal power, please visit

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