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Are you ready to let go the self limiting beliefs that are stopping you from having the life you want?

Kathryn Eggins

And by life, I mean the whole kit and kaboodle…life, health, career, relationships…you name it, it’s all a part of this game called life.

Did you know that right now, right this VERY second, you are manifesting the next part of your life?

How’s it looking? Are you in the FLOW?

Regardless of how your life is right now, you have the POWER within YOU to turn everything around.

It’s as simple as becoming aware, getting back to basics and living within the laws of nature.

Could it really be that simple?


Nature didn’t intend for anything to be difficult. Man has made things difficult so, seriously…stop doing that and let’s get back into the FLOW!

As a coach and mentor, how can I help?

I can help you to break through the barriers and self limiting beliefs in your mindset that are stopping you from creating a spectacular life.

I love to work with heart driven women who are ready to step up, take action and do the work so they can become a master at creating a life on their terms.

Who am I to help?

I’m someone who walks the walk.

I’ve always known that magic happened. I was really good at winning competitions when I was growing up but my first major manifestation was my first job out of high school.

All I wanted to be was a radio announcer. I dreamed about it day and night. I imagined myself in the studio. I made friends with people who worked in radio.

The only problem was that I was too scared to speak into a microphone…yet three weeks after signing up with the government employment agency I landed myself a job…working in radio…doing everything a radio announcer would do EXCEPT SPEAK!

My job was to do on-air shifts, putting everything to air including the announcer’s voice which had been recorded on reel to reel. I was in my element.

Healthwise, I healed my own body after living for 18 years with stage-four endometriosis. I’m pretty proud of that one.

I eventually got over my fear of the microphone and went on to become an entertainer which took me around the world.

Kathryn performing in IrelandMore recently I was guided to become a fitness instructor. I’m now happier, stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my entire life.

Over the past few years, I’ve delved more into learning how the Law of Attraction works. I’ve always known magic happens, but what I wasn’t aware was that we also create the negative moments along with the positive ones.

When you’re aware of your vibration, you have more control over the creation of your life.

I will teach you the techniques of how to reconnect your mind and soul with your body to create the life, health and career you’ve always dreamed of.

I personally know what’s possible and I want for you what I have achieved for me. I want you to be able to get out and live your life on your terms and I’m there to support you all the way.

Start your journey by downloading my 5 Key Steps to Manifesting Your Freaking Awesome Life and you’ll also receive my weekly news emails. I have new programs in the works.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself with personalised coaching to kick start your manifesting journey, contact me and let’s work to get you aligned with your desires!

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