When I Want Something Better, Why Does Everything Fall Apart?

When you’ve set your manifestation, the Universe starts the ball rolling to make it happen. It starts shuffling things around and setting you on the path to your success. You get excited about what you’ve just created and can’t wait for it to arrive.

But then things start to fall apart. Everything seems to be going wrong and life becomes miserable. It’s easy to start believing manifesting is a load of croc and nothing good every happens for you.

But it’s really a time to get excited, because when things go wrong, they’re actually going right!

A manifestation is created the moment you decide it’s done internally, not when it appears. In order for it to appear, things need to change.

After all, if circumstances were already right, you’d have it.

For things to be different, things need to change.

That can mean losing a job. That can mean dramatic changes or the end of a relationship.

That can mean everything looking like it’s falling apart.

You’re not being tested.

It took me 18 years to see that my Dad leaving was a blessing in disguise. That’s not to say I don’t miss him and I don’t wish things could have been different, but when I look back at the course my life has taken since he left, the experiences I’ve had have been incredible.

Experiences that I manifested long before he left came to life after he left.

As for taking 18 years to realise this, I spent 18 years making myself sick. Putting myself through operations and horrendous medication simply because I was hanging on to the past and not allowing new things to flow.

I know this because the moment I realised this, found peace and allowed flow, my body began healing instantly.

People, and even pets, are in our lives for the time they need to be there. When it’s time for them to move on, they will.

It’s easy to think that if things are falling apart that everything’s going wrong, but that’s only a belief we’re taught to believe. What if you stopped, took a step back and thought, “What if things are actually going right?” and allow things to unfold…

Allow things to fall apart.

Because if they don’t, the manifestation can’t take place.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy and there won’t be tears, but it does mean the path is being cleared for new experiences and new beliefs.

I had two manifestations occur toward the end of last year. My partner and I wanted to travel overseas to catch up with his son and to celebrate our birthdays. We had a three week window where we could do it, but financially, we didn’t know how we were going to do it.

I decided to put my trust in the Universe and created the manifestation that we were going. I didn’t know how we would do it, but it was a done deal.

Six weeks before we were due to leave, the entire staff at a place I was working at lost their jobs, simply through a change of management. It was no fault of the staff, simply a change that was beyond our control. Everyone did what was right for them. Some took jobs with the new management. Others stayed with the same company and took job offers further away.

I took the opportunity to leave.

To me, it was an exciting time. Something magical was about to happen. I didn’t know what, but something good was coming.

Two weeks later, I received a payout I didn’t even know I was entitled to. Four weeks later, we were on a plane to Amsterdam.

You don’t have to know how your manifestations will unfold. All you need to do is hold the belief that they’re a done deal and allow the Universe to work its magic.

Allow things to unfold, and allow things to fall apart.

Kathryn Eggins

Kathryn Eggins is an international speaker, writer, entertainer and artist, who loves colour, her cat, and following the guidance of her soul. Her desire is to inspire you to connect to your soul, take inspired action, and consciously create the life your heart desires.

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