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Unleash Your Manifesting Mojo is 18 days of consciously creating your life

You CAN be a conscious creator!

Get into the driver's seat and consciously create your life instead of living on auto pilot and ruled by your subconscious beliefs.

Understand how the Law of Attraction really works

We'll get down into the nitty gritty of how the Law of Attraction really works so you can take control and start creating the life that YOU want.

Change your life forever


Create Your Masterpiece...

Week #1 - Prime Your Canvas

Your life is a blank canvas and all masterpieces need a well prepped foundation to start with. We'll delve into how the Law of Attraction works and begin the process of setting the intention for what you want to manifest to start priming the canvas for the creation of the life you want.

We'll cover -

  • The power of mindfulness and gratitude
  • How to declutter and free your energy space both mentally and physically
  • Get to the bottom of the stuff you're putting up with, what you really want and how you can bring it to the fore front of your focus
  • Discovering what your fears are and how facing them will change your life
  • Taking responsibility for your current state of affairs
  • Digging deep to find out what you really want

Week #2 - Setting the Scene

This is where the real magic begins! All masterpieces start with a vision. We'll start working on getting your vibration into alignment with your desires and set your intention to create your most worldly desires.

We'll cover -

  • Visualise your dreams into reality
  • How to lock in the foundation to manifest what you really want
  • Discover the importance of alignment and how to find it
  • Releasing blocks and smashing doubt and self sabotage out of the ball park
  • Create new beliefs that will boost your manifesting mojo
  • The all important vibration that will get you there

Week #3 - Unleashing Your Manifesting Mojo Masterpiece

It's time to unleash your manifesting mojo and unveil your manifesting masterpiece! This is where you'll put into action everything you've been working towards to bring your manifestations to life!

We'll cover -

  • Taking inspired action
  • Detaching from the outcome and what to do when things don't appear to be going to plan
  • The art of allowing
  • Seeing the signs that are blatantly staring you in the face
  • Learn how to receive what you're asking for
  • Creating a new normal and loving it

This course is for you IF....

  • You LOVE the Law of Attraction
  • You're looking for a more PRACTICAL approach instead of a MYSTICAL approach BUT you LOVE that you SECRETLY KNOW there's MAGIC in the air
  • You KNOW the Law of Attraction is an actual law of nature that when you learn how to harness it, you can have everything your heart desires
  • You KNOW you were BORN FOR MORE
  • You've HAD ENOUGH, you're FED UP with your current life and you're READY to take your life TO THE NEXT LEVEL


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