The Truth About the Deception of Perception

Perception (/pəˈsɛpʃ(ə)n/) – It’s short for, “How your ego is deceiving you.”

Perceptions are created by the beliefs we’ve been taught throughout our lives and when they’re not kept in check, they taint our reality. They only let you see what they want you to see and most of the time, they’re way off the mark.

Your perception of the world creates your reality. You perceive your thoughts, feelings, and senses to be true which then deceives you into thinking they’re true, when all they’re doing is activating what you’ve been taught to believe is true.

It’s why two people can share the same experience and yet come away with completely different versions of the same experience. It’s why one person finds life easy while another person finds it hard.

The perception that life is hard, that money is hard to come by, and that people are thinking negative things about you, just to name a few, are all perceptions from learned beliefs.

Life may very well be hard right now, but when you see that as a perception and a learned belief, it opens the door to creating new beliefs and new perceptions and new opportunities.

Stop for a minute and focus on what’s happening right now, in this moment. Break it down. In amongst the perception of what’s going wrong, what good things are happening right this very second? What can you be grateful for?

It’s too easy to be dazzled by the looming negativity our ego wants to dish out.

Perception is also projection… Projecting onto someone else our thoughts, fears, and areas within ourselves where we don’t want to admit that we fall a bit short, blaming them for an upset, or expecting them to live their lives according to our own agenda.

It can be believing someone is thinking something negative about us while they’re gazing in our direction.

How on earth can anyone possibly know what another person is thinking?

For all we know, the other person could have been looking in their direction while thinking about how they were going to remove that ingrown hair they had between their toes.

It really doesn’t matter what they’re thinking.

The mind doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality, and all thoughts start from somewhere deep within our beliefs. This gives you the opportunity to change your beliefs, to choose what to think, and to take back control of your life.

So, the next time you walk into a room and people look at you (which is a normal human reaction), when your ego begins with its negative tripe, stop it in its tracks, and remind yourself of just how fabulous you are!


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