The Interesting Deception of Perception

Perception… It should be called deception…

It’s your ego deceiving you.

Perceptions are based on ingrained beliefs and they taint your reality. It’s that voice in your head that tells you what the ego believes is going on and most of the time it’s so far off the mark, it’s ridiculous.

Your perception of the world will create your reality. The thoughts in your head will create what you perceive to be true and then deceive you into thinking they’re true.

The perception that life is hard, that money is hard to come by, and that people are thinking negative things about you are all perceptions from learned beliefs.

Life may very well be hard right now, but when you see that as a perception and a learned belief, it opens the door to creating new beliefs and new perceptions and new opportunities.

How often do you find yourself thinking about someone else with a preconceived thought about them in your head, having a terse conversation with them over and event that hasn’t even occurred?

Or something doesn’t go to plan and you immediately think the worst. You can only know what you know.

Perception is also projection… Projecting onto someone else our thoughts, fears, and areas within ourselves where we fall a bit short and blaming them for an upset.

A perception that has come up over the years while talking to clients has been what they believe other people are thinking of them while they believe they’re looking at them. From someone looking at someone else with a concentration frown while doing a fitness class, to someone sitting in a crowd, through to someone being looked when they walked into a room.

Every single time they believed the other person was thinking something negative about them. How did they know what the other person was thinking?

They didn’t. For all they knew, the other person could have been looking in their direction while thinking about how they were going to remove that ingrown hair they had between their toes.

The mind doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality, so the next time you walk into a room and people look at you (which is a normal human reaction), instead of thinking that they’re thinking something negative, tell yourself that everyone’s thinking how fabulous you are!


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Kathryn Eggins

Kathryn Eggins is an international speaker, writer, entertainer and artist, who loves colour, her cat, and following the guidance of her soul. Her desire is to inspire you to connect to your soul, take inspired action, and consciously create the life your heart desires.

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