Kathryn's level of commitment inspires you to commit to yourself and allows you to believe in yourself again which we sometimes lose touch of along the way. 

Candice Dianna
Candice Dianna Singer/Songwriter

I was a little bit sceptical of coaching at first. I was unsure what to expect and thought it could have been a bunch of nonsense!

I couldn't have been further off the mark.

My self esteem has improved. I've learned to cope/approach situations differently. I let things happen rather than trying to pre-empt or plan what will happen. I feel better about my life and currently where I stand. I have a clearer plan of what I want to achieve and do with my life. I'm less bitchy and cranky. I don't feel sorry for myself anymore. I look at the situation and see what has led to it and accept why.

I would definitely recommend coaching to anyone who may have negativity in their lives and needs to change their thought processes.

Ella Donovan
Ella Donovan

I was looking forward to the experience of being coached towards achieving my goals.

As a result of my coaching experience, I have become more aware of my eating patterns and become more conscious about what I put in my body. Kathryn gave me some great tips about exercise and how to deal with overeating and cravings. I was very inspired by her own personal story.

I would recommend Kathryn as a coach for anyone who wants to improve their health and their physical energy. I look forward to one day experiencing a retreat at Weltevreden Domes Retreat!

Bahar Özdemir
Bahar Özdemir

I was a little skeptical initially at being coached but it has been awesome!

I made amazing progress with releasing ‘efforting’ - pushing too hard that it has to be this way and happen at this time. Securing a part time job was a key issue but within our time I had secured an interview and reading the notes from our sessions kept me on track and I secured the job - thanks!

I would recommend Kathryn as a coach to anyone that is caught up with an outcome they are not seeing, I really feel she assisted me in letting go and breathing through it.

Jenny Benton
Jenny Benton

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