Raising the Power of Your Manifesting Awareness

It’s important to remember to honour where you are on your understanding manifesting journey. Some of it may make sense, some of it may seem a bit ‘out there’, while some of it may trigger you.

My beliefs could easily trigger someone who believes something different. They may trigger you. They may bring you peace.

I was taught by society that it was wrong not to feel tremendous grief when someone left me or passed, but all that did was make me sick. Really sick, like ‘send-me-for-surgery-five-times’ sick. It wasn’t until I dug deep into what I truly believed on a soul level that I found comfort, healing, and wellness.

A trigger will show you the areas of your life and beliefs that are worth looking at. Are they taught beliefs?

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Every Choice and Decision You Make Sets the Direction of Your Life

You ChooseEvery thought you allow yourself to have…Every feeling you allow yourself to have…

Every belief you choose to have…What you choose to spend your time on…The choices you make based upon fear…

The action you choose to take in any given moment…

The choices you make…FULL.STOP.

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