You’re a Powerful, Creative Manifesting Machine

Believe it or not, you’re already manifesting the life you’re living.

Okay, it may be a far cry from the life you want deep down inside, but it’s the life you’ve been programmed to believe is possible…

A life based upon the beliefs of others who have been in your ear since the moment you were born, telling you what to believe based upon what they were taught to believe…

The people around you. The people you associate with. The media. The society you live in.

Unless you’re switched on to how manifesting works, you’re subconsciously manifesting with a program you didn’t create!

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Why You’re Not Manifesting Your Dreams

Why You're Not Manifesting What You Want

You might have a big ass dream that you want with all of your heart, but the reason you’re not manifesting it is because there’s something else underlying that’s more important to you than achieving that dream…

You’re sending a message to the Universe that your dreams just aren’t that important to you…

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What Have You Decided to Manifest This Year?

What Have YOU Decided to Manifest

How will this year be different to the last?

It’s easy enough to dream about what you want and think ‘what if’, but what have you decided is a non-negotiable done deal?

Where are you stepping outside of your comfort zone to do things differently, to face your fears and create the life of desire within you?

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Dont Be Afraid of the DarkHow often do you suppress an emotion or refuse to look at the negative side of life?

Is it because you’re afraid that if you focus on it you’ll create more of what you don’t want?

Is it because you’re afraid of what you’ll find?

Have you been taught by some well meaning soul, who thought they were doing the right thing but ultimately instilled you with a self limiting belief, to believe you’re supposed to just suck it up?

How often have you felt upset and told yourself to stop being silly and to just get on with it?

The only thing ignoring emotions and any negativity is doing is holding you back from achieving your greatness…

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Stop Trying So Hard to Manifest What You Want

Stop Trying So Hard to Manifest What You WantThere’s this underlying belief that the Law of Attraction is some elusive power that we need to work hard at mastering…

The answer couldn’t be further from the truth…Take a look at how easily you’re manifesting the things you don’t want…

It doesn’t take any effort at all…

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