When I Want Something Better, Why Does Everything Fall Apart?

When you’ve set your manifestation, the Universe starts the ball rolling to make it happen. It starts shuffling things around and setting you on the path to your success. You get excited about what you’ve just created and can’t wait for it to arrive.

But then things start to fall apart. Everything seems to be going wrong and life becomes miserable. It’s easy to start believing manifesting is a load of croc and nothing good every happens for you.

But it’s really a time to get excited, because when things go wrong, they’re actually going right!

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Hold On! The Ride’s About To Get Wild!

Look out! The ride's about to get wild!

When you make the choice to do things differently, things start happening differently. Life can feel like it’s going completely off road!

It’s your old belief system raring up and yelling, “I told you so!!”

It’s time to STOP and get excited…

Big changes are happening!

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Why You’re Not Manifesting Your Dreams

Why You're Not Manifesting What You Want

You might have a big ass dream that you want with all of your heart, but the reason you’re not manifesting it is because there’s something else underlying that’s more important to you than achieving that dream…

You’re sending a message to the Universe that your dreams just aren’t that important to you…

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What Have You Decided to Manifest This Year?

What Have YOU Decided to Manifest

How will this year be different to the last?

It’s easy enough to dream about what you want and think ‘what if’, but what have you decided is a non-negotiable done deal?

Where are you stepping outside of your comfort zone to do things differently, to face your fears and create the life of desire within you?

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My Thought Experiment About Erdinger’s Cat

Erdinger's Cat

I’ve been thinking about Schrödinger’s Cat…

The thought experiment that presents a scenario where a cat is in a steel box and is both alive and dead at the same time due to an event that may or may not occur…

It got me thinking about what my thoughts were…

Enter Erdinger’s Cat…

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