The Comfort Zone Struggle is REAL!

The Other Zombies Want to Stop the Enlightened ZombieThe struggle is REAL!

You can feel it in your bones that you’re destined for more even though you just don’t have it in your hands right now…

You know that things won’t change until you do, so you start tuning in and doing the inner work…

And then…things start changing!

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Big Opportunities Like This Don’t Happen To People Like Us!

Big Opportunities Dont Happen To UsWTF? I heard this statement last night from an entrant who was the spokesperson for a group of people in the semi final on well known TV talent show and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up…

I think it even curled slightly…

Why did it trigger me so much?

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When Did Your Beliefs About What’s Possible In Life Begin?

When Did Your Beliefs BeginMost of the beliefs you have today you learned a lifetime ago when you were an innocent child soaking up the world around you and because it was all you knew you developed your beliefs around it.

They’re not really your beliefs…

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Holding On Is Holding You Back

Holding On Is Holding You BackIf there’s one thing I’ve learned on this personal development journey is that you never stop learning…

There’s always a new lesson to learn or a new way of looking at things.

My big lesson at the moment is allowing myself to receive…

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Run Away…As Fast As You Can!

What is Your TruthAre you surrounded by ‘well meaning people’ who tell you things like…’That’s just the way it is…’

‘You need to face reality…’

‘Stop being unrealistic!’


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What’s Your Truth

What is Your TruthI’ve had a breakthrough over the past few days…

An enlightenment, if you will…

I’ve had a major shift in the direction I’m heading in and I have to tell you….I’m pretty darn excited.

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