Let Go! The Outcome Depends On It

Let Go

‘Let go, it won’t hurt you if it kills you…’ 

Ha ha…now, before you get too worried about that line I had to get it out of my head. 

Way, way back in 1994, Will and I were performing on the very first show broadcast by Brisbane’s community TV show, Briz 31.

It was broadcast live and Will sang ‘Let Go’ by Brian Cadd. Only problem was…he forgot the words…but in entertainment Rule #1 is that if you make a mistake, you keep going…

…and they were the words that popped into his head.

Ha ha….sometimes we will never understand the downloads we receive from up above, but that one was a classic and I doubt he will ever live that one down. It still makes me chuckle.

But back to biz…

One of the biggest steps in successful manifesting is learning to let go…

Let go of the outcome.

This can feel a bit contradictory because you want what you want to happen but by letting go you’re also letting go of the end result…

…which seems a bit weird and out of control but there is method to the madness.

Letting go does not mean you don’t want what you want to happen…

Letting go means you’re allowing the Universe to work its magic. You’re allowing it to bring to you what you want in the way that it needs to.

The path to what you want is not necessarily the path that you think it should be…

Humans have this insatiable need to control everything. They want to plot and plan and know every step of the journey…

…but all they’re doing is making life more difficult for themselves.

The Universe sees what you don’t. It sees the path that you need to take to reach your goal and it can be quite an unexpected and interesting journey.

When you try to control the path to reach your outcome, you’re denying yourself the opportunity to enjoy the journey and look at the scenery on the way.

Your only job is to control your vibration

– Know what you want. Be extremely clear in what you want.

– Focus your attention on what you want and create the feeling in your body that you already have it. Stay in this vibration.

– Set your intention and let it go

– DO NOT doubt the Universe. Just know that what you want is coming to you.

That’s it.

For goodness sake….stop making the journey harder than it needs to be! Let go and allow what you want to come to you.

– Ask for it – Think it, feel it and set your vibration

– Believe that it is yours – Set your intention and have unwaivering faith that it is yours

– Receive – See the signs as they pop up when you least expect it to guide you to what you want. Take action and be ready to receive the next sign all the while staying in your vibration and do not let your faith waiver.

Let go of the need for everything to be hard. That’s an old stupid belief that’s been bantered around for too long by people who resist the fact that nature didn’t intend for things to be difficult.

Be in the know. Be in the flow.



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Kathryn Eggins

Kathryn Eggins is an international speaker, writer, entertainer and artist, who loves colour, her cat, and following the guidance of her soul. Her desire is to inspire you to connect to your soul, take inspired action, and consciously create the life your heart desires.

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