Happiness is a Choice

I saw someone this morning and while we were saying hello they said, ‘I bet you’re good. You’re always good.’

I said, ‘Yes, I am good. I choose to feel good.’

That’s not to say that things are hunky dory and always go to plan in my life. My life is still full of ups and downs because that’s all part of the human experience.

It’s what I choose to focus on that makes the difference.

Think of your life as an illusion. Everything that you see and experience has been created because of the previous thoughts and

feelings you’ve had BUT because it’s an illusion, you have the power to create it however you want it to be.

The problem is that the old dumbed down beliefs that were drummed into us as kids prevail that tell us to ‘face reality’.

Reality is just part of the illusion….and beliefs? That’s all they are…beliefs….beliefs of someone else who got them from someone else…

…they’re not truth…they are just beliefs.

But it’s those beliefs that shape your ‘reality’…beliefs of someone else who got them from someone else…

So why not make the decision to change your ‘reality’?

Why not make the decision to change your beliefs to mirror how you want your life to be?

Why is that concept so unbelieveable?

Because we’re taught to ‘face reality’….the thought that ‘anything’s possible’ is drummed out of us when we’re young…

Why? Because of the beliefs of someone else that were originally the belief of someone else and so on…

You have the power to change your ‘reality’.

It’s just an illusion.

I analyse everything….I don’t over analyse it but when things work out differently to how I’d like them to work out, I ask myself what I could do differently to change things…

…and it’s that simple step that changes everything.

Why continue allowing the same shit to play on repeat in your life?

It’s about taking responsibilty for the ‘reality’ that you’re living. It’s about taking responsibility for the illusion that you’re living.

It’s about taking responsibility for the beliefs you choose to believe.

It’s about taking responsibilty for taking action and making positive changes instead of complaining about.

Happiness is a choice and when you decide that you want to be happy, everything changes.

Raise your standards. Expect your life to be happy. Stop focusing on what’s wrong with it and start focusing on what’s right with it.

Find JOY in EVERYTHING you do.

Find JOY in the fact that things don’t go right. Get EXCITED because when things don’t go right it’s a sign from the Universe that you’re heading in the wrong direction.

Instead of complaining about it, ask yourself, ‘What can I do differently to change this?’ and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
It’s your life. You are 100% responsible and you are 100% in control of your choices.

Get over it. Shit happens to everyone. Take responsibility and start taking action to change it. Choose to find JOY in your life because when you find JOY, good shit happens.

It’s not what happens to you – it’s how you choose to react to it and what you choose to do that counts.


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Kathryn Eggins

Kathryn Eggins is an international speaker, writer, entertainer and artist, who loves colour, her cat, and following the guidance of her soul. Her desire is to inspire you to connect to your soul, take inspired action, and consciously create the life your heart desires.

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