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If you’re tired of waking up to the same old reality, knowing full well there’s so much more available to you, listen up. I’m here to help.

You know within you that there’s more out there for you than the life you’re currently living. You’re fed up with the self limiting beliefs that are holding you back and you’re ready to take aligned action to bring your dreams to life.

You can feel it but something’s not quite gelling.

My name is Kathryn Eggins. I’m an Inspired Spirit Coach, yoga instructor, and personal trainer. I’m also an entertainer. Your mind, body, and soul are your greatest manifesting tools. The only reason any area in your life is difficult is because of the self limiting beliefs you’ve learned along the way. You’re out of focus and alignment. When you understand the power you hold when you choose to connect your mind, body, and soul, anything’s possible.

You can have the health, career, relationships, finances you dream of when you choose to look beyond the reality you’re currently living. It’s exciting watching your dreams unfold before your very eyes.

Manifesting is not some woo-woo event that occurs if you sprinkle enough magic fairy dust around. Yes, there’s absolutely a magical element to manifesting, but there is an art to manifesting that you can learn that will completely change any area of your life.

Let me show you how.

Amazing experiences, opportunities, and things are waiting for you to access them in the quantum field. If you can feel it, it’s ready and waiting for you to access it. I’m here to help you understand your ability to create your life on a conscious level, to discover what’s holding you back, and to learn how to bring your manifestations to life, creating the life you deserve.

If you know there’s more to life than what you’re currently living and you’re ready to shift from where you are now to the dreams and life your heart desires, I’m here to help.

Face that fear by taking the first step to changing the rest of your life. Apply here for my 1:1 coaching sessions.


If you’re not quite ready for personal coaching, check out my online program, Unleash Your Manifesting Mojo, where you can work at your own pace to reconnect to your inner powers and become the conscious creator of your life…

‘I am still so busy with extra dance fitness class work since your course. Going from 2 classes a week to 7-8 a week atm. I feel that there is a flow on effect at work. It’s come at a good time. Thankyou.’ – Cathy Tapper – Unleash Your Manifesting Mojo Success Story!

‘Kathryn’s level of commitment inspires you to commit to yourself and allows you to believe in yourself again which we sometimes lose touch of along the way.’ – Candice Dianna – Singer/Songwriter | The Voice Australia 2014 | KWC Australia 2012

To create and live the life you desire, all you have to do is say YES.

Let’s make your dreams come true!

Follow your heart, follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you (especially yourself!)

Kathryn x

Change your LIFE

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