Allowing Wellness to Become Your New Normal

It’s interesting watching the human race getting sicker and sicker. The number of people who are suffering preventable illness is staggering.

Why is it that we’re led to believe illness is the norm instead of being taught the basics of how to be well?

I think back to being in and out of hospital with stage-four endometriosis and caught up in the cycle. Five operations over 18 years gave me relief from intense pain but between surgery, horrid medications, and the belief that my disease was incurable, I was on a merry-go-round of illusion.

My healing from stage-four endometriosis came when –

  • I dug deep to release the root cause – suppressed emotions due to estrangement from my dad.
  • From understanding that while I was a victim to a circumstance, to remain in victimhood was a choice.
  • From a deep understanding that our bodies are a product of nature and when we get back to the basics of giving our bodies what nature intended through connection to our mind, body, and soul, our bodies can work their magic.

As a community, we’re affected by the environment we live in. Our bodies are no different. They’re a community of cells affected by the environment they live in.

What you choose to put into your body affects the environment your cells live in. Your mindset, the food you consume, and the level of maintenance and emotional stress that’s placed on your body affects the environment your cells are living in.

Epigenetics has shown genes react to their environment. Dis-ease = disharmony. By taking care to create a healthy, harmonious environment, you’re giving your body the best chance to be healthy.

Being healthy is not only for a chosen few. It’s A skewed belief that illness is normal. Suffering from preventable disease is not normal.

There is a place for today’s medical system, but if you find yourself on the merry-go-round, take a moment to stop and consider the bigger picture.

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