Don’t Burst Your Bubble Just Because Someone Else Has Chosen a Different One

Don't burst your bubble just because someone else chose a different oneIt’s easy to feel uneasy about having more than someone else…

Why should you have a better career, more money, a nicer house, a happier relationship, a more expensive car, better health than someone who is struggling?

Because that’s what you were born for…

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Why You’ll Never Achieve Your Dreams

Why you won't get what you wantWouldn’t it be nice if all of those big dreams you have about the life you’d love to live came true?

How different would life be? Things would be easier and so carefree…

But here’s the problem…

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It’s Not Denial. I’m Just Selective About The Reality I Accept

I choose my realityHow cool is that quote by Calvin and Hobbes?

It arrived in my inbox this morning with an email from Pam Grout and it’s really hit a happy note with an invigorating reminder.

Too often, we’re told to ‘face reality’.

What the hell is ‘reality’ anyway? Is it REALLY what’s going on or is it just an illusion?

Here’s what I think…

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Your Body is Listening

Happiness is a choiceI was working with a fitness client recently and throughout the whole session she put her body down…

‘I have terrible legs.’ ‘Look at this roll.’ ‘My knees are shocking.’

…Seriously…..why the put down?

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Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a choiceI saw someone this morning and while we were saying hello they said, ‘I bet you’re good. You’re always good.’

I said, ‘Yes, I am good. I choose to feel good.’

That’s not to say that things are hunky dory and always go to plan in my life. My life is still full of ups and downs because that’s all part of the human experience.

It’s what I choose to focus on that makes the difference.

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Why I Don’t Put a Single ♥ on My Social Media Timelines

Focus on WellnessRecently, I’ve been receiving private messages asking me to put a single ♥ on my timeline to raise awareness a particular cause and today I’d like to share why I don’t do it.

People like to share these things because they believe that by reminding people to get check ups and fundraising to find a cure that they are doing what they can to fight the cause.

Here’s what I think…

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