You’re Not Listening To and Seeing The Signs

Are You Living an EPIC Life?You want things to change in your life and you’re frustrated because you’re trying to stay positive but the the same old shit keeps happening over and over again.

It’s like this never ending cycle that you feel like you’ll never get out of…

Here’s the problem…

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Why You Don’t Already Have What You Want

Why You Dont Already Have What You WantI know you have big dreams of what you’d love your life to look like instead of what you’re living now…

You dream of having more money…or living in a different place…or driving a better car…

If you’re dreaming about something, it means it’s out there waiting for you…so why don’t you have it already?

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The Other Zombies Want to Stop the Enlightened Zombie!

The Other Zombies Want to Stop the Enlightened ZombieHa ha…I heard this on a livestream this morning and I loved the analogy!

I could soooo relate to it!

Most people are zombies. They live their life, day to day and follow the rules….but that’s not for everyone…

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Holding On When Things Start Going Wrong

Holding On When Things Go WrongIt’s inevitably going to happen that when you start doing the inner work and making a concerted effort to change your life that things will go wrong.

WHY???!!! Why does this happen??!!

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What is the Law of Attraction and Why Should You Bother Even Entertaining It?

Why entertain the Law of AttractionIsn’t it just a bunch of whoo-haa-fantasy-whoo-hoo that gets people’s hopes up, setting them up to crash and burn in a pool of disappointment?

Well, if that’s what you choose to believe it is, that’s exactly what it will be…

Or is it a force of nature that is so powerful you can tap into it and create the life you want?

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Allowing a Fear of Failure to Hold You Back Will Lead to a Life of Regrets

Allowing a Fear of Failure to Hold You Back will Lead to a Life of RegretIt was interesting meeting different people at my talks on my recent cruise and talking to them about not only their dreams but also the fears that are holding them back…

One fear that came up was a fear of failure which has just reminded me of a moment I’d forgotten about where I energetically nose dived into the ground in front of a live audience…

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